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Top 5 Mistakes New Streamers Make

So are you looking ways to improve your channel? Here are the top 5 mistakes new streamers make and solutions for them! Wild4Games has created a really good video about the top mistakes that new streamers make really often.

I have seen these same topics come up again, again and again in many places like /r/Twitch, Streamer Facebook groups and streaming communities. There is already solutions and really good tips how to improve your channel so i thought i could share you some tips and cool tools that could help you out! 🙂

Make sure to watch the Top 5 Mistakes New Streamers Make video first! Then the list at the bottom for tools, tips and tutorials can help you the best! 🙂

No social media presence – The huge one

Marketing your channel is really important thing to start learning from the bat. For you i would suggest to get your hands up on Social Media accounts everywhere you just can. You don’t have to use all of them but it’s good to have for the future. Most important ones are: Facebook and Twitter most likely.

Here is some good Get started resources for you:

Here is some good tools for your social media tiles and brb screens:

Stream Elements Commands for Mods

How to check what is a good game and bad game to stream and what time to stream it?


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