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Finding out good networking and advertising places for streamers is pretty hard! So i gathered up a little list of the places that you could use to promote your stream. Not all of these places are going to work everyone and i suggest you to try out what is the good place for you.

Everyone’s stream is a bit different and playing different games so different communities and groups are going to help you out on the long run. I hope these tips help you out! And if you know more places or cool tools let me know in the comments 🙂

Quick links for the spots

Facebook groups

Gaming / Streaming communities

If you want to niche down for certain game/s and find new cool folks to play with. Gaming communities are really good for that! This also helps you to transfer to other games easier when the whole group is doing changes for another game.

Be careful though! If you go around and be a lazy douche just posting your live stream on these places, your most likely going to get instant ban and a lot of hatred. Be friendly and get to know people in the gaming community and then tell them your streaming also 🙂 How to find Game Specific communities? Click here..

Gaming communities:

Streaming communities:


Reddit can bring a lot viewers and followers for you channel. It is also good to know that if you are going to scout for game specific reddit threads. It is easier if one of your friends does the advertising. There is usually a rule: “Don’t post your live stream” but “Friend can do so”.

But for Twitch reddit it is best to use your own stream name and just be you. There is quite a lot of people helping streamers.

How to find Game Specific reddit threads? Click here..

Re-tweeting services

Re-tweeting services are really good way to get your stream out more for other people. You need to usually always follow these places back so that they will send the re-tweet though. So keep that in mind 😉

Re-tweet Services / Best Practices / Use only 2 - 3 per tweet
Too many re-tweet services can cause your tweet look spammy. Quality of the tweet is more important for your current viewers and new possibly interested viewers than quantity of re-tweet services used.

Websites and cool tools / Voting

  • LevelUpDojo – Video guides how to improve and be awesome streamer. -NEW-
  • GamingCareers – Video guides how to setup all the nitty gritty things. This dude is amazing! -NEW-
  • – What game to play and how would you rank for that game?
  • – If you have over 15 watching people can find you.
  • Topstreamers – Needs you to signup first then people can vote.
  • Stream Hatchet – Get analytic from your viewers, streams and games.
  • Fundeavour – Adventure towards a better stream
  • NerdOrDie – Free layouts, Tutorials, Tools and more
  • TwitchSites – Easy free or paid website for your stream.
  • – Check out streaming stats by watchers, game, streamer.
  • Overboredgaming – A Guide to Streaming and Finding Success.

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