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Music for Streams – Royalty Free Music for Streamers

As a streamer it’s really important to be aware of the rules regarding music played on your streams. When Twitch’s automatic system notices that you are using copyrighted music your VODs will get muted and you could get penalties by playing copyrighted music. The best bet and safest way to not get your VoDs muted while playing music in your stream. Is to start playing royalty free music.

Here you can find some sources for good and popular royalty free musics that you can use for your streams 🙂

Note: Please note that royalty free music doesn’t necessarily mean free music. Some may cost you some money and some places require attribution. Pretty common places to do attribution are links in the bio and bot commands on your stream.

If you don’t know how to create bot commands check out this Nightbot guide or if you are using Streamlabs Chatbot you can find information about it also. Let’s start the show!


PretzelRocks is a free music app for streamers that has curated hours of stream-friendly music for content creators already! They only play royalty-free music that you can listen and share for your stream audience. Requires attribution via chat and they already have a bot that does it!

Twitch Music

twitch music library for streamers

Twitch Music has a large collection of artists and labels that bring you awesome royalty free and globally cleared music that you can use in your stream broadcasts. The musics in here are safe to use for both Live broadcasts and VOD playbacks. Do they require attribution? Link to music.twitch.tv requested.

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Monstercat has a pretty interesting system going on for steamers. You can play their Monstercat Twitch channel on the background for Free. Pro tip is to change the quality for mobile so the stream doesn’t hog resources from your computer. You can also get a Monstercat subscription witch allows full monetization for Twitch and YouTube usage.



Epidemicsound has a massive library of music from various genres that you can use for your Twitch Stream and YouTube videos. Epidemicsound has a subscription based system that offers Royalty Free music to use.  Cost of the subscribtion starts at 13$ and you can try out the whole system for Free!


no-copyright-sounds for twitch and youtube streams

NoCopyrightSounds offers free music with no copyright. You can find NCS music tracks at: SoundCloud, YouTube and Spotify. Please not that attribution is required! You can find specific use cases for Twitch and YouTube usage over here.



Incompetech has a huge collection of free music from a variety of genres. Please note that link attribution is required. You can use the music for example: YouTube videos, For streaming on Twitch, Mixer, YouTube and more. Even in stores! Pretty cool huh? Here is their FAQ with more specific use cases for music.



MachinimaSound offers a variety of genres and artists that you can use for your streams. You can either purchase a license from their latest collections or use the Legacy tracks that are free to use when you credit the artist also.



Bensound offers a huuge amount of royalty free music to use from variety of genres. I really like the Acoustic / Folk and Rock genre. Link attribution is required.

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Generals rules for music usage for streaming websites

The general rules for most streaming websites are: if you do not hold the rights to play copyright music, and you get a DMCA notice from the owner of the music. Your account may be terminated. This is very rare and the chance of this happening is very low but it’s good to keep this in mind if you choose to stream copyrighted music that you don’t have the rights to broadcast.

Twitch: Streaming copyright music will not get your stream taken down but portions of your VOD will be muted. (Please note that multiple DMCA notices can get your stream ended and your Twitch account banned). Sometimes when the volume is low enough it may not get picked up by the audio recognition system but you shouldn’t count on this to happen every stream if you don’t want to get your VODs muted.
YouTube Gaming: Copyrighted music may mute your livestream or even terminate the broadcast. See here for more information..
Mixer: Streams/VODs are not muted if copyright music is played.

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