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Looking For – Stream Related Content Creators – July 2016

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Hey there! If you are new here you might not know that i have been gathering up guides from other YouTube content creators for this year. The goal is to help out new streamers and more advanced streamers to save their time and learn the nitty gritty things mostly with videos. There is already videos from some great streamers and YouTubers like. NerdOrDie, Sodapoppin, Kittyplays and many many more.

Content creation possibilities

Since streaming evolves so fast and new amazing places and apps comes so fast. I thought about creating a monthly article where i post some content ideas that haven’t yet been reviewed or doesn’t have a good tutorial available. You may use these to start up or expand your YouTuber career with free viewers that are interested about the subject from Streamer / YouTuber perspective.

Here is some stats of the visitors here at nikitheliger.com: May 29, 2016 – Jun 28,2016 – Google Analytics – Stats

july 2016

May 29, 2016 – Jun 28,2016 – Google Analytics – Stats

As you can see from that picture up top. There is about 150 sessions every day checking out the tutorials over here. If you want to be part of the cool folks that help others now you can do so!

Why won’t you do these yourself?

In all honesty. You don’t want to hear me blabber in YouTube videos with RallyEnglish. Also it wouldn’t help other streamers that much that already create amazing content, that needs website embeds to rank higher with their YouTube videos.

Pre-requisite for videos?

  • Understandable English – No need to be native language.
  • You must be a Streamer or a YouTuber – Size doesn’t matter.

How to participate and submit a video?

Just pick a content/topic idea from the bottom, create a video, upload it to YouTube and leave a comment below with the URL to your video. You can also hit me up on Twitter. I’ll pick the videos with great content and make a post about the subject.

Content ideas: That needs videos


This is a new place where you complete adventures to become a better streamer. When you complete the adventure they have created you earn points that you can redeem for products. A review about the whole system would be great to have and feature on the site.


This is a new service that let’s everyone create a website easily with some amazing features like forums and currency systems. First plan is also free! It would be great to have a tutorial for the free version for starters.

There is a possibility for a whole series that comes with the extended plans. If you already have a background with good tutorials on YouTube. I would suggest you to contact the owner of the twitch sites for a 1 month freebie for the premium version so you can create the tutorials.


There is some tutorials already available about general Gamewisp usage but not the ones where you can setup automatic questions for the people that sub. That you may need to use for ex. inquiring their post address, Twitter, Instagram or such.

Another content opportunity would be the Gamewisp – Early Access videos. There currently isn’t a good video around that explains how the system actually works, how you set it up, what happens after the video goes to YouTube and stuff like that.


Stream Hatchet is currently imo the best analytics tool that you can have in your stream. But there isn’t a YouTube video tutorial that goes more in depth about how the system works, what you can see from the analytics, about games etc. Little review or even an in depth tutorial about the subject would be really awesome to have.

Twitter – Tutorials

How to create a Twitter account, profile photo and cover photo. This may seem like an odd request but there is quite a lot of people that are not used to twitter yet. There is also a possibility for a series how to get more viewers with Twitter by using hashtags, mentions, images and other awesomeness that have worked for you.

Facebook – Tutorials

How to create a Facebook page especially for streamer / YouTuber usage. How have you been promoting over there? What works? What doesn’t work? Any cool apps you could recommend to integrate the posting for other services like Twitch, Twitter etc?

That’s all for this months post

I hope this gives you some ideas for content! Hopefully i can help you out by getting the content you create for the people that are interested about streaming related content! Don’t be shy even if you are a starting out streamer / YouTuber.. It’s not about the quantity of the followers that matter but quality of the content 🙂

Hey there! I’m Niko Vittaniemi aka NikiTheLiger. I’m a passionate Twitch Marketing, Growth hacking enthusiastic. Also a total nerd with tutorials and how-to guides to make things simpler and faster. My aim is to build the best resource for Twitch Streaming related thingies with guides that really matter. IRL i create and plan WordPress websites and eCommerce sites for B2B and B2C businesses.

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