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How to Stream to Twitch from PS4 with OBS – No Capture Card needed

I must admit that i hate sitting down in front of the TV and play games nowadays. Mostly because the sofa is uncomfortable and after a little 2h of streak of Destiny get’s my neck hurting so bad.

Earlier cool layouts weren’t possible easily

I have also tried out streaming straight from the PS4 to Twitch. But there wasn’t any way to get some cool looking layouts going on without getting an separate capture card. Now it’s finally possible to get cool looking layouts and use your own computer mic and all the goodies without capture card!

Another way is to use a capture card like Elgato HD60. You can see a tutorial about this also after the ps4 remote play way. 🙂

PS4 Remote Play enables you to use overlays

Since the introduction of the new PS4 Remote Play program that PS folks introduced. It’s now possible to connect your PS4 for your PC and play from the computer and use all the goodies that you can use in OBS Studio or Streamlabs OBS. Setup is really easy and i managed to get the stream going on in about 5 minutes.

Here is a video that can help you out: How to stream/Record PS4 With OBS! No Capture Card 1080p (Overlays, webcam and more)

Credits and +1 rep: For Lake Gaming about the video!

How to setup: Elgato HD60 Pro and OBS Studio – Capture Your PS4 or Xbox One

Credits and +1 rep: For Gaming Careers about the video!

Information about the series: This post is part of the series: How to stream on Twitch how to setup the stream and do all the nitty gritty things. I hope these tips help you on the way to success! ?

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Niki - Nikitheliger

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  1. Smellsbad Gaming April 22, 2017

    All I get when trying to capture RemotePlay using OBS is a black screen. Tried running in admin mode, 32 and 64 bit modes. Only method where anything shows is display capture which is laggy.

    1. Niki - Nikitheliger April 22, 2017

      Hey mate 🙂 I have also used the display capture / window capture while testing this out. If the picture is laggy from your ps4 to the computer most likely cause is a WIFI connection that may cause it. For your computer this way should be pretty easy so the laggyness should come from the actual ISP connection. Maybe try lowering the quality settings to see if it removes the lag? Then you should know if it’s a connection problem.

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