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Holy smoke’s! It’s official About Me time

Quite a lot of folks have been asking me why i post these articles on my blog. And in all honesty i’m really enthusiastic about building up streaming brands and how to do so faster than others.

By utilizing tricks from many different internet-marketing fields, like Copywriting, Social media management, SEO, Networking, Images, Conversion optimization etc.

Many of these things are utilized by big streamers constantly and i would like to help out good smaller streamers to catch them up faster.

How did i start?

I for myself did my first stream when justin.tv was around but found myself running out of time since i was studying/working at the same time. Those days there wasn’t as much hype around streaming and getting viewers was a bit easier than these days i think.

I got back into the streaming area with Twitch about a year ago and created the nikitheliger brand behind it.

It was awesome to realize there is so much tools, tips and tricks and services that you can use on your stream! One thing i noticed that actually made me start blogging about these tools and tips and tricks.

The problem behind

Is that they are so widely spread all over the internet like youtube, reddit, websites etc. That it takes enooourmous amount of time to actually get all the tools actually working.

There is also heaps of tutorials that are really old and do not work at all. Image below will summarize the feeling when you have tested out new settings for something couple hours just to realize it doesn’t work!


It took me about two months to learn many of the coolest tricks, find the settings that actually work for obs, setting up notification system, creating automatic commands for nightbot, creating all the social medias to advertise the stream etc.

After all this i noticed that i really like to do the research and do all the nitty gritty things behind streaming. I do not stream anymore, other than test out some new cool apps and softwares but i use my time to help out other streamers to get the most out of their time and advertising efforts behind the scenes.

Changing just couple phrases on Nightbot follow my social media posts can have huuge impact how much they are actually pressed.

Maybe that’s why i have been creating websites, teaching new business owners and doing social marketing already for such a long time.: 9 years now 🙂

Purpose behind the blog

Reason behind creating this blog, is that i would like to help out streamers that would like to grow. And for new streamers give to opportunity to save that two months of reading up and watching countless hours of youtube videos.

Let’s just get all the good tutorials on one place. Hopefully some day this blog is going to be the ultimate resource for Twitch streamers to go.

What you are going to find here

Really good tutorials mostly from Youtube that covers all sorts of things behind streaming in itself. Some of them are big some of them are small.

It would be really awesome if you would hit them up a follow also if you like their content. Even smaller streamers/youtubers make amazingly clear tutorial videos for many of the coolest tools for streamers these days.

Your most likely going to find some typos also 😀 I’m a liger from Finland who is learning the ways of the English while writing these articles.

What you are not going to find here

Shady viewbotting tips or anything that is majorly against all the sense of human/liger mind. I’m not either going to offer any services on this website for anyone or e-mail you about my services. This blog is designed to provide value.


What you may see is occasional affiliate links if there is a service that uses those. Or for example if i gather up an amazon list for streaming pc:s (It’s coming) there may be links where i get a small commission if you buy.

There will not be any extra cost for you ever by clicking those links and you can use them if you want and help me out to cover some web hosting bills or not to! 🙂

What can you do to help out?

Of source reading helps out and keeps me searching for new content! Thank you already getting this far on this post.. Your awesome!

You can also follow me on Facebook and Twitter, Signup for the newsletter below this post or even leave a comment on the articles that you are interested.

Of source if you know a friend who would be interested about the material remember to share the article for him/her. Sharing is caring 🙂

Niki - Nikitheliger

Hey there! I'm Niko Vittaniemi aka NikiTheLiger. I'm a passionate Twitch Marketing, Growth hacking enthusiastic. Also a total nerd with tutorials and how-to guides to make things simpler and faster. My aim is to build the best resource for Twitch Streaming related thingies with guides that really matter. IRL i create and plan WordPress websites and eCommerce sites for B2B and B2C businesses.

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