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Gabbie aka: Gabriella Berthagen is one of a kind streamer that makes you just want to be there for her streams. I found her quite awhile ago from a facebook group where she posted “Come and steal my energy” and it actually worked! After a long day at doing work stuff her positive attitude just puts a smile to your face.

It is no wonder that she is also a partnered streamer! Here you can see the growth rate from sociablade about her.


What can you learn from her?

I highly suggest you to check her out. Her branding is awesome all across her social media and is clearly a brand that stands out. She also shares the lobe for others and thanks people in her twitter who are working with her.. Wait what? Isn’t that what everyone do?

Sadly no it isn’t. Some streamers tend to only be “Me me me” people that actually doesn’t help out. Twitch is a community and you are aiming to build a community around your brand. It’s not all about “Me me me”.

Check out what she writes on social media for branding and how she handles her schedule. Make pointers when you can and try to incorporate them into your own marketing.

From the actual stream i would suggest to check out how she keeps the chat alive and interacts with people. She is a pretty awesome streamer! 🙂 + She has the most cutest emotes that in itself makes you want to subscribe to her channel.

>> Click here to see the Twitch channel <<

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