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Alinity aka Natalia is possibly the most beautiful girl streamer ever! No offence for other grill streamers though. She is a Columbian grill with 2 cat’s Maya and Milo and she has her own buttclub!

She has a really positive attitude in her streams. You can see her playing quite a lot hearthstone and many of the most newest games. Make sure to check out Alinitys Youtube channel for more goodies.

>> Click here to see the Twitch channel <<

Niki - Nikitheliger

Hey there! I'm Niko Vittaniemi aka NikiTheLiger. I'm a passionate Twitch Marketing, Growth hacking enthusiastic. Also a total nerd with tutorials and how-to guides to make things simpler and faster. My aim is to build the best resource for Twitch Streaming related thingies with guides that really matter. IRL i create and plan WordPress websites and eCommerce sites for B2B and B2C businesses.

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